Adolf Eichmann

Otto Adolf Eichmann (19 March 1906 – 31 May 1962) was a German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust. Because of his organizational talents and ideological reliability, Eichmann was charged by SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich with the task of facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in German-occupied Eastern Europe.
After World War II, he fled to Argentina using a fraudulently obtained laissez-passer issued by the International Red Cross. He lived in Argentina under a false identity, working a succession of different jobs until 1960. He was captured by Mossad operatives in Argentina and taken to Israel to face trial in an Israeli court on 15 criminal charges, including crimes against humanity and war crimes. He was found guilty and executed by hanging in 1962. He is the only person to have been executed in Israel on conviction by a civilian court.
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The World at War: Genocide

As head of the SS, Himmler sets out to create a racially superior Europe. This included the genocide of the Jewish. Germany invades Poland and the Jewish are persecuted and placed in ghettos. The killing started with the digging of mass graves and the Jewish shot. This is not considered efficient so gas chambers are built.

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Following the war the infamous Adolf Eichmann is captured and imprisoned. Facing a death sentence, Eichmann is interrogated by Avner Less who is desperately looking for a confession. Time is running out as the world awaits the execution, and so the two face each other in a battle of wills.