World War 2 Movies

A Bridge too Far

A Bridge too FarA Bridge too FarA Bridge too FarA Bridge too FarA Bridge too Far A Bridge too Far

Monty devises a plan, operation Market Garden, to create a path into Germany and encircle the industrial heartland ending the war by Christmas. The operation involves taking several bridges, the last one being in Arnhem. Unknown to the Allies an SS panzer division is resting in Arnhem. Luck is not on the Allies' side; their radios don't work and a fog in England has delayed a second drop of paratroopers. They manage to get most of the way but the last bridge, in Arnhem, is just too much.
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Aerial Gunner

Aerial GunnerAerial GunnerAerial GunnerAerial GunnerAerial Gunner Aerial Gunner

Jon Davis and 'Foxy' Pattis have a history in peace time, Jon arrested Foxy's father which lead to him committing suicide. During basic training Foxy is the superior and gives Jon a bad time. They both fall for the same girl. Once put into action Jon and Foxy are put in the same bombing squad, Jon now being the superior as the pilot. On a bombing mission they land in enemy territory after being hit by Japanese fighters. Repairs to the bomber are made and Jon manages to make it home safely, but Foxy makes the ultimate sacrifice.
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Age of Heroes

Age of HeroesAge of HeroesAge of HeroesAge of HeroesAge of Heroes Age of Heroes

Corporal Rains is recruited into the 30 Commando unit which has just been formed by Ian Fleming. Their first mission is to obtain new German radar technology from Norway. The unit is dropped into occupied Norway, and they meet up with a local spy who assists them. Once they obtain the radar equipment the Commandos have to fight their way home.